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Sometimes an animal guide will come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another depending on the journey or direction you are headed. Your guide will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your daily life.

1.What is your favorite animal, bird or insect?

2.Is there an animal that you use in your artwork, are in the books you enjoy, or decorate your room?

3.Is there an animal that you see a lot of in your daily life?

4.What animal are you currently interested in learning about?

5.What animal do you find most frightening or intriguing?

6.Is there an animal that recurs in your dreams?

What's Your Animal Totem?

Totems and Their Meanings

Alligator/Crocodile – Fearless, quick, protective of young, adaptable, strong,

keepers of ancient wisdom, aggressive and vengeful.

Bat – Perceptive, able to pick up the unheard and read between the lines, secrecy,

social, and encourages one to release fears and let go of old ways.

Bear – Powerful, courageous, natural healer, connection to the moon, protective,

wise, fearless, devoted and overconfident.

Bee – Aware, hard worker, organized, efficient, clean, compulsive, productive and


Bull/Cow – Strong, courageous, passionate, proud, patient and warns against being


Cat – Fortunate, mysterious, independent, protective, wise, self-assured, searcher

of hidden information, creative, natural healer and observant.

Coyote – Trickster, cunning, easily adaptable, instinctive, intelligent, playful,

enjoys laughter, plays tricks on people, and is able to hide sadness with


Crab – Protection, lucky, shy, sensitive, defensive, having deep emotions, difficult

to trust others, nurturing, can be overly cautious and crabby.

Dolphin – Kind, wise, happy, playful, having deep emotions, harmonious,

communication, empathetic, trustful, aware, generous and curious.

Dragon – Honest, courageous, strong, peaceful warrior, mysterious and magical.

Dragonfly – Carefree, imaginative, flighty, may have vivid dreams, aware and

encourages one to make changes in one’s life.

Dove – Messenger, peaceful, harmonious, gentle, healing abilities and sensitive.

Eagle – Intelligent, good eye for seeing the truth, observant, risk taker,

courageous, likes adventure and personal freedom, visionary, and puts ideas

into action.

Falcon – Signifies new beginnings, likes adventure, passionate, leader, focused,

determined, quick and patient with others.

Fox – Quick-witted, likes solitude, adaptable, cunning, independent, self-reliant,

intuitive, clever, observant, swift, and very good hearing and sight.

Horse – Goddess of the land, likes freedom and travel, strong, graceful, loyal,

truthful, adventurous, encourages one to follow one’s dreams, and is able to

see the good and the bad in others.

Ladybug – Love, good fortune, offers protection, cheerful, creative, has strong

family ties, social and communicative.

Lion – Strong, courageous, leader, protective, family oriented, high energy levels,

gentle and patient.

Mouse – Quiet, shy, wise, sociable, adaptable, determined, cautious, modest and faces

his fears.

Owl – Bird of magic, insight, freedom, silently wise, has powers to heal, honest,

connection to the moon and night, observant, mysterious and perceptive.

Rabbit – Curious, territorial, fertile, cautious, quick thinkers, fearless and


Snake – Impulsive, wise, representative of transformation, has healing powers,

intelligent, aware, patient and symbolic of a new life cycle about to begin.

Spider – Protective, enjoys own company, always busy, fragile, creative, clever,

cunning, intelligent, patient and against acting in a manipulative way.

Tiger – Strong, high levels of energy, powerful, outgoing, willful, passionate,

devoted, ambitious, adventurous, may prefer the night rather than the day,

bold and daring.

Wolf – Loyal, intuitive, intelligent, sociable, strong family ties, protective,

cunning, quick, observant, wise, generous, compassionate, friendly,

communicative and faithful.


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